APSE/ACRE Guidelines for States Considering Certification or Competency Requirements

APSE/ACRE guidelines for states considering writing competency requirements for either a certification or a certificate-based program or training.

Here is the link to that document: https://apse.org/apse-and-acre-state-guidelines/


State agencies play an important role in establishing competency-based standards for Employment Specialists that will recognize the knowledge and skills necessary to be an Employment Support Professional.  

The Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE) Board of Directors and the APSE Certification Council (ESPCC) have created a NEW resource that provides guidelines that state agencies can use, when requiring the ACRE Certificate of Completion and/or Certified Employment Support Professional™ (CESP) Certification. 

These guidelines also provide information about and outline differences between the CESP and ACRE training programs.  


By requiring a National Certificate of Completion or Certification, employment provider organizations and employment support professionals receive a nationally recognized standard of training (ACRE), once they complete all the requirements of the training. They also will have the opportunity to demonstrate competency (CESP).

State agencies need to consider their options in supporting such a workforce development initiative in their state.

This resource gives you information you need in one document https://apse.org/apse-and-acre-state-guidelines/ 

Looking for a 1-page resource about the CESP certification & ACRE trainings: https://apse.org/acre-and-cesp-chart/


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