Basic Employment Services - Certificate of Achievement

The Basic Employment Services - Certificate of Achievement is awarded to trainees who complete all training requirements for that certificate. Training includes 40 hours of content & professional development activities. The content presented builds knowledge and skills of trainees in the ACRE Employment Services Competencies.

Below is an outline of the content requirements for an ACRE approved training.  While each Training provider offers its own training, the content will include the following:

2013 ACRE Competencies

Topic Area

Required Hours: Basic

Application of Core Values & Principles to Practice

* Rights, history, legislation, best practices, professionalism


Individualized Assessment and Employment / Career Planning

* Assess strengths, skills, interests, situational assessment, career exploration, support plan, stakeholder involvement, work impact on benefits, accommodation plan, transition to work models


Community Research and Job Development:


* Preparing marketing approaches and materials for job developer and job seeker (brochures, resumes, profiles and other materials, planning job seeker involvement and decision making, assistance with disclosure and accommodations requests, networking, development of skills for outreach and interactions with employers to explore their needs, as well as conducting community research including labor market info, range of employers in the area and info on specific employers or industries)


* Job Acquisition (involvement of job seeker, disclosure decisions, accommodations, negotiations, job creation/carving and closing the deal)


Workplace and Related Supports

* Job analysis, starting the job, implementing support plans, involvement in usual employer training, systematic instruction, natural supports, social inclusion, fading, positive behavioral supports, ongoing supports and funding, access to resources needed for long-term employment, opportunity for career advancement


Other (Specific Disabilities, etc.)


Total Hours