Types of Certificates

Each year ACRE adds names to its Certificate Registry.  These names are trainees who complete the requirement of an ACRE approved curriculum offered by one of the ACRE Organizational members.  ACRE training is usually pursued by professionals working in the area of employment services for people with disabilities. 

Currently, ACRE endorses two types of National Certificates of Achievement in Employment Services:

  • Basic Employment Services Certificate

  • Professional Certificate in Employment Services

This means that ACRE Oganizational members have submitted for ACRE review and have been approved to offer their ACRE approved training.

Since 2005, ACRE Training providers have been awarding certificates of achievement to trainees who complete all training requirements. More than 3100 professionals across the nation have obtained either the Basic Employment Services or both the Professional and Basic level certificates.

To earn receive ACRE approved training you must find a training provider that offers either in person, online or a hybrid training that meets your needs.