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ACRE-approved training is offered by educators, who are current ACRE organizational members. Their curriculum has gone through a rigorous curriculum review process. ACRE training is available in several formats: Face-to-face, online, and hybrid (combination of in person & online).

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Griffin-Hammis Associates/Center for Social Capital

Organizational Address: 5582 Klements Lane Florence, MT 59833

Contact Person: Kendra Yates

Contact Person Phone Number:                                   

Contact Person Email Address:

Name or Title of ACRE Training: ACRE Approved Basic Employment Services Web-Based Certificate Training Series Emphasis on Customized Employment

Description of ACRE Training Program: (include details such as: structure of training, modules, etc.) This 12 week web-based course is comprised of 6 two-week lessons, the topics ranging from Community Employment to Job Site Training and Support Strategies, supplemented with archived and live, interactive webinars, work-applied assignments.

Basic Level or Professional Level: Basic

Where training is available (if only in specific state(s), or if training can come to any state): Nationally available

Names of Trainers: Cary Griffin, Ashlea Lantz, Patty Cassidy, Molly Sullivan, Beth Keaton, Doug Crandell, Nancy Brooks Lane, Marsie Frawley, Julie McComas, Janet Steveley, Russell Sickles, Corey Smith

All States
UMass Boston, Institute for Community Inclusion

Organizational Address:  100 Morrissey Boulevard, Boston, MA 02125

Contact Person:  Lara Enein-Donovan

Contact Person Phone Number:   (617) 287-4319                               

Contact Person Email Address:

Name or Title of ACRE Training:  CES ACRE Supplement

This ACRE approved training certificate option combines The College of Employment Services (CES)  ( online training with a supplemental component which includes 3 interactive webinars, additional readings, activities and fieldwork. Instructor guidance and feedback are also provided. The 9 online CES courses required are:

  • Foundations of Employment Services
  • Strategies for Job Development, Individual and Employer Perspectives (Parts 1 and 2)
  • Business Perspectives
  • Funding Employment Services
  • Principles of Career Development
  • Work Incentives for Financial Self Sufficiency
  • Performance Coaching On and Off the Job (Parts 1 & 2)
  • Networking
  • Job Creation

Basic Level or Professional Level: Basic

Names of Instructors: Lara Enein-Donovan

All States