Focus Basic ACRE Employment Services Certificate Training Day 1


Training Description:

The Focus Basic ACRE Employment Services Certificate Training is a combined In-Person & Online training, which also includes field assignments to be completed. This training consists of the following:

1.    Students complete online modules & field assignments

2.    Students attend a 1st in person day (8 hours)

3.    Students complete a second set of online modules & field assignments

4.    Students attend a 2nd in person day (8 hours)

Once a student has registered to the course, they will receive access to the online modules to take prior to the first in person day. Once all in-person courses, online modules, and field assignments are completed and submitted, the trainee will receive an ACRE certificate. For more information, please visit our website:


Training Format: hybrid online/face-to-face

Training Location: City: Hanover    State: PA

In Person Training Dates/Times              

      Day 1: March 30th 9am-5pm &

      Day 2: April 13th   9am-5pm


URL or Email for more information:


      Training Organization: Focus Behavioral Health

      Training Certificate Type: Basic Employment

Training Format: 
Hybrid: Online/Face-to-Face
Date and Time: 
Monday, March 30, 2020
More Info:
Training Provider/Contact: 
Focus Behavioral Health, Inc.
Training Certificate Type: 
Basic employment