Supported Employment Online Course

Learning Objectives
As a result of taking the series, a participant will be able to:
Discuss the federal policy and historical overview of supported employment and customized employment.
Describe Discovery and the importance of getting to know the job seeker.
Define the components of a customer profile to include situational assessments, vocational evaluations, and functional resumes.
Illustrate an understanding of job development for career paths by developing a job search plan for a job seeker.
Match a customer's strengths with the prospective employer's business needs.
Discuss the various job-site training strategies (e.g., natural cues, workplace supports, compensatory strategies, instructional strategies, assistive technology) and their applications.
Define the features of a high quality long-term support plan.
Describe the various alternative funding sources for supported employment.
Discuss the impact of working on benefits.
Course Structure
The course is online and consists of six lessons: each lasting for two weeks giving participants ample time to complete the assignments. A new lesson is made available every other Monday morning by 9:00 a.m. E.T. The course web site is always available, and a participant may log in at any time in order to view content, listen to the lectures, and complete the assignments. Each lesson will require 6 - 8 hours of staff time to complete. Please note that our online offerings are intensive.
Course Credit
A participant can earn 4 CEUs or 40 CRCs and the National Certificate in Employment Services issued by ACRE upon course completion. In order to complete the course successfully, participants must participate in an online discussion forum, complete assignments, and pass a quiz for each lesson. All assignments must be completed in order to earn the Basic Certificate.
Contact: Dr. Katherine Inge []
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Date and Time: 
Monday, April 23, 2018 to Monday, July 16, 2018
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Virginia Commonwealth University
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Basic employment