WELN: Job Development & Marketing


Important Note: This ACRE approved training consists of four 2-day trainings. This particular training is only a portion of the full 8-day training series.


The Washington Employment Learning Network (WELN) will focus on providing participants with core supported employment professional training. The WELN Training Series helps employment professionals meet employment professional core competencies through 4 two-day, in-person seminars.

This training session will provide a basic overview of essential functions of marketing and customized job development for employment support professionals who work with job candidates with disabilities. Along with learning the essential functions of job development, individuals will be introduced to various models and methods successful developers use in their communities. 

Learning Objectives:

1.     Gain an overview of the history of supported employment as it relates to current customized employment models.

2.     Learn to design a customized employment approach for job candidates.

3.     Learn to create business networks and job leads by following business trends and using social media in your community

4.     Learn various ways to network, research, cold call and present effective presentations to employers.

5.     Demonstrate the ability to make business introductions, conduct a formal business presentation along with negotiating difficult questions from employers.

6.     Ability to perform informational interviews, environmental/job analysis and marketing proposals to employers.

7.     Obtain strategies for job matching and job candidate portfolio development.

8.     The ability to identify internal practices for staff training needs and department goals to position the agency as an employment service

Training Format: 
Date and Time: 
Sunday, May 13, 2018 to Monday, May 14, 2018
More Info: 
Training Provider/Contact: 
Washington Initiative for Supported Employment (WISE)
Training Certificate Type: 
Basic employment