WELN: Social Security Benefits, Work Incentives and Unpaid Work Experiences


Important Note: This ACRE approved training consists of four 2-day trainings. This particular training is only a portion of the full 8-day training series.


The Washington Employment Learning Network (WELN) will focus on providing participants with core supported employment professional training. The WELN Training Series helps employment professionals meet employment professional core competencies through 4 two-day, in-person seminars.

The goal of this two day training session will inspire participants to realize that work is important and achievable for people who experience disabilities. This training will further help participants understand that people with disabilities can work and retain essential benefits, allowing them to move toward greater financial gain from employment.  As well as offer a deeper understanding of unpaid work experiences including how they can provide a powerful mechanism for discovering an individual’s strengths, skills and interests.  In order to provide the best experiences, there are regulations surrounding unpaid work and strategies to put into practice to assure that the experience is first and foremost of benefit to the individual with disabilities.

Learning Objectives:

1.     Understand the differences in how income affects the two social security cash disability benefits programs (Title II and Title XVI).

2.     Have a basic understanding of an impairment related work expense and a plan for achieving self-support.

3.     Gain a general knowledge of the rules for Medicaid vs. Medicare, and the associated cash benefits program for this framework.

4.     Have a working description of how access to Medicaid may be essential in accessing employment services.

5.     Gain the ability to list how, where and why benefits planning is accessed.

6.     Recognize that other means-based programs can also be affected by increases in income.

7.     The Federal and State Regulations related to unpaid work, volunteering and internships

8.     Key considerations and strategies to allow the individual an opportunity to learn about their interests, strengths and skills, and to build their portfolio and resume for paid work. 

9.     Stories and scenarios about how work experiences have been used well and poorly and how to avoid common pitfalls of the Volunteer Trap.

Training Format: 
Date and Time: 
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 to Wednesday, April 25, 2018
More Info: 
Training Provider/Contact: 
Washington Initiative for Supported Employment (WISE)
Training Certificate Type: 
Basic employment