Become a Training a Provider

ACRE-approved training is offered by ACRE members who have gone through a curriculum review process and who maintain their organizational membership.
(The "certificate types" tab lists the types of ACRE approved training offered. Certificates of Achievement are awarded to trainees completing all requirement.)

For a list of ACRE training providers, click on the Trainings tab or click here.

Information on curriculum review:

Who may apply to have curriculum reviewed?

Any dues-paying ACRE organizational member may apply to have their curriculum reviewed. Once approved, those entities must continue to maintain their ACRE organizational membership for as long as they wish to continue providing ACRE training.

Preparing for curriculum review

To prepare for the review, the applicant uses a Curriculum Competency Review Form and indicates where and how each competency is addressed in their training.

At least 40 hours of content must be delivered (online or in person) for the basic level employment services training.

Skill-based competencies must be addressed through instructor-led discussion (classroom or online), activities, exercises, or field-based assignments; or supervised practicum or mentorship. Non instructor-led online instruction can only be used for some knowledge-based competencies.

Curriculum review procedure

- A lead curriculum reviewer is assigned to each curriculum review by the ACRE Curriculum Review Coordinator. Documentation is sent to this person, who forwards the information to 1 other reviewer.

Confidentiality Agreement:

- Every ACRE member who volunteers to review ACRE curriculum signs a confidentiality agreement that indicates that they will not copy, share or use any course material that is provided for the review process.

- Reviewers will ensure that all competencies are being addressed through analysis of course syllabi and/or agendas, as well as the completed Curriculum Competency Review Form (for both knowledge and skill competencies), and fieldwork assignments, activities, and exercises (for skill competencies). 

- Following the review, a determination to accept or reject the curriculum is made and communicated to the applicant.

Once approved, the applicant receives a sample certificate and the ACRE logo, directions for submitting the names of trainees who earn their certificate to the website for the certificate registry, etc.


ACRE requires that curriculum be re-reviewed every 5 years. (Previously approved training curricula can be used to award certificates until the recertification process is completed, up to 1 year after the re-review time frame).  If ACRE-approved curriculum significantly changes, as it relates to the ACRE competencies or significantly changes the approved course modality, the ACRE Curriculum Review Coordinator should be contacted to determine whether recertification is necessary.

Details on Submitting for an ACRE Curriculum Review are outlined below.

  1.  Complete ACRE Competency Review Cover Page. Send it to the ACRE  Curriculum Review Coordinator Darla Wilkerson at 
  2.  After receiving the cover page, the Coordinator will send you the ACRE Curriculum Competency Review Form for you to complete and return.
  3.  You'll receive email notification, from the Coordinator, of approval to move forward. Reviewers will be assigned, and the lead reviewer will be requesting the following information.
  4.  Syllabus or syllabi for all course content, including the learning objectives and the modality of the training (classroom/workshop, online instructor-led, or online not instructor-led)
  5.  Course content should be submitted: all content for all domain areas should be submitted. This includes a summary of presentation materials (PowerPoints), handouts, activities, quizzes and exercises.
  6.  Copies of all fieldwork assignments
  7.  Information about how the course material and training are being made accessible for people with disabilities
  8.  Mentor qualifications if a practicum is used for any portion of the required 40 hours
  9.  For new ACRE members or current members not engaged in ACRE training within the past 18 months: Letter of reference from an agency/organization with whom the applicant has a training agreement (i.e. vocational rehabilitation agency, developmental disabilities agency, mental health agency, etc.) attesting to the quality of the training, applicant capacity to organize and deliver training, and applicant commitment to the mission of individualized community employment
  10.  For new ACRE member trainers or current members not engaged in ACRE training within the past 18 months: 
    1.  Letter of reference attesting to the knowledge and skills of the trainer and the trainer’s ability to:
      1.  Deliver content and facilitate exercises and discussions
      2.  Create an interesting environment that is respectful of all learners
      3.  Show a commitment to individualized community employment
    2.  A summary of trainee evaluations for one workshop delivered by the trainer
    3.  A resume or vita for trainers