Institute for Community Inclusion

Organizational Address:  ICI, UMass Boston, 100 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, MA  02125

Contact Person: Lara Enein-Donovan

Contact Person Phone Number:  617-287-4319                                          

Contact Person Email Address:

Name or Title of ACRE Training: Innovative Employment: Comprehensive Training Series for a Natl. ACRE Certificate

Description of ACRE Training Program:

7 days (9 to 4), 42 hours of training plus fieldwork. Typically done as days 1-3 consecutively, a 2-3 week break, then days 4-5, a 2-3 week break, then days 6-7. Each trainee gets a comprehensive training manual.

Day 1: Foundations of Community Employments (6 hours)

Day 2: Getting to know your job Seeker & Planning for Success (6 hours)

Day 3: Partnerships to Promote Employment & Understanding Social Security Work Incentives (6 hours)

Days 4-5: Exploring Employer Needs & Developing Quality Matches (12 hours)

              Days 6-7: Training & Support Strategies (12 hours)

While based in Massachusetts, you can arrange to have trainers come to another state to offer training to your group.

Training Format: