Opportunity Source

Organizational Address:  345 N. Walsh Drive, Casper, WY 82609

Contact Person:  Kari Cornella, Opportunity Source Director

Contact Person Phone Number:  307-251-1567                                      

Contact Person Email Address:   kcornella@nowcapservices.org

Name or Title of ACRE Training: Employment Services Training

Opportunity Source provides training to professionals in the job development process and community integration philosophy. The Employment Services Certificate is comprised of 3 workshops over a 2 month period. A combination of face-to-face training, exercises, case studies, activities, and field-based assignments are used to enhance and reinforce employment principles.

Basic Level or Professional Level: Basic

Trainers: Kari Cornella, JD Wolfe, Ashley Serres, Marissa Romero, Roy Lloyd, Jerry Barnes, Tattoo Sanchez

Training Format: