Training Provider Requirements

Become ACRE Member

An organization interested in becoming a national certificate-training provider must first become a dues-paying member of ACRE.

To find the membership form, go to the "about us" tab and then on the left margin menu, click on the "how to become a member."

Entities wishing to provide ACRE-approved training must maintain their organizational membership.

Curriculum Assessment

Next, the applicant conducts an assessment of their curriculum to see that it covers the competencies.

This is done using the competency review form, indicating how/where ACRE competencies are covered in their curriculum.

At least 40 hours of content must be delivered in training (online or in person).

Required Documentation

Required documentation includes:

  1. Competency review form (demonstrating that competencies are addressed)
  2. Curriculum review cover sheet
  3. Curriculum materials including:
    1. detailed agenda to show how competencies are addressed;
    2. copies of fieldwork assignments (if any); and
    3. a summary of handouts and exercises.
  4. One letter of reference from an agency/organization with whom the applicant has a training agreement (TACE Ctr., VR, DD, MH, etc.) attesting to the:
    1. quality of applicant training;
    2. applicant capacity to organize and deliver training; and
    3. applicant commitment to the mission of individualized community-based employment.
  5. For each trainer listed, the applicant must provide:
    1. A reference letter attesting to the knowledge & skills of the trainer to:
      1. deliver content & facilitate exercises & discussions;
      2. create an interesting environment that is respectful of all learners; and
      3. show a commitment to individualized community-based employment.     
    2. A summary of trainee evaluations for 1 workshop delivered by the trainer.
    3. A resume.