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ACRE is a national membership organization for trainers and educators who work in the field of employment for people with disabilities. We share a common mission of advocacy through education to improve the quality of employment services for people with disabilities.
Most trainers in our field have few opportunities to share ideas and learn from other training professionals. As a community of practice, ACRE members come together yearly and also communicate via email and phone throughout the year to share information and resources related to training. 
ACRE has also focused its attention on the use of competency-based training and has Employment Services Competencies. Such training is designed for professionals working in employment services in order to raise the national service delivery standard. (For more information on Competencies and Competency-base training go to the competency tab.)
How can I find ACRE approved training:
Go to the "Trainings" tab. Searh for training there.
For a complete list of ACRE training providers: hit the "apply" button without selecting a state or training format.
If you search by state and find no providers, open your search to "any" state to learn what is nearby.

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